Friday, April 15, 2005

Gay Finals

What would it be like to be the subject of the final exam? That is what gay students around the country are dealing in recent years with court decisions such as Romer and Lawerence. Are we a suspect class? Will be given the right to marry? How about adoption? These answers are not easy which is why professors love to test us on it. Is this fair?

Last semester's property exam hypo included many gay characters including "Lucy Lipstick" and her partner "Betty Birkenstock." But wait! There are even more gay characters including Bert and Ernie and flaming "Quentin Queer." I kid you not. Our professor had us discuss housing discrimination using gay chracters that said things like "My those are great curtains. Are they Martha Stewart?" If the professor was not a lesbian I would have revolted.

But what does this do for our grades? All I can remember is laughing throughout the entire property exam. It was odd having flaming gay characters in a final class exam and, to be honest, it was a bit distracting but also entertaining.

This semester I am sure that homos will be on the Con Law exam. They have been there in years past and they will be there again. We queer students will be asked to be "objective" in our analysis of queer rights. Sure. This will be fun.

It's finals week. Get ready, kids, it is going to be a gay old time.


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