Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'd Choose Law

So the boyfriend, Tall Sicillian Stud (TSS) , came up to town this weekend. He's a 2nd year medical student at Prestigious Ghetto Urban Medical School (PGUMS), and took some time off from being at the hospital to disturb me while I'm studying.

We got into a discussion about which is worse: being a law student or being a medical student. Up until two weeks ago, he was still in classes, and it seemed like law school classes won hands down. Medical students don't have to read ahead of time, there's no socratic method, and they have tests every two weeks instead of once a semester, so there is no especially stressful period. Clearly, being a medical student is a breeze compared to the grind of the legal ivory tower.

Apparently this changes once people start their medical rotations and begin work in the hospital. His roommate, Gorgeous Half-Japanese Power Woman (GHJPW), has spent the past two weeks helping her surgeon remove people's assholes. This specific procedure involves standing, with three others, practically inside some poor woman's (or man's) crotch, with GHJPW holding the asshole open with an instrument similar to a shoehorn, while parts of it get cut out. Even worse, the surgeon has called her out on her asshole-holding-abilities while she is struggling to keep the hole open: "GHJPW! I need more room, make the hole bigger! Is everything all right? Do I need someone else to hold the hole? Are you not strong enough to do this?"

Well, hearing that story was enough for me. I'll take gunners, crazy professors, even crazier students (I'm talking to you here, ManCandee) and the pain of exams and the writing competition over their life anyday. I mean, if I'm going into an asshole, I think I should at least get some choice in the matter.


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