Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lawn Protests and Naked Boys?

What can be seen on the main lawn of the campus today:

  1. “Cemetery of the innocents” – the anti-choice people are at it again and this time they have set up their own fake cemetery! Come one; come all to see paper crosses all over the lawn blocking the limited sunbathing areas! A new addition to the cemetery this year – Terry Schiavo. I didn’t know she was an aborted fetus! Also, all of the crosses have names on them. Do people name their fetuses? Now that is sick.
  2. Pro-Choice rally. There are about four pro-choice people which is sad compared to the large numbers of wackos at the “cemetery.” The pro-choice crowd make up for their lack of numbers with their snazzy outfits and fun slogans. They will beat the wackos in a fashion contest any day.
  3. The two-ply toilet paper rally. I kid you not. As if mocking the entire abortion-on-the-lawn events, several cute frat boys got themselves a loudspeaker and are chanting slogans like “What do we want? Two-ply! When do we want it? NOW!”

I gave all the groups dirty looks. Well, okay, I gave the frat boys a dirty look and a smile.

Also on my walk across campus some woman tried to hand me a flyer and in an effort to get me to take it she said “naked boys crew team!”

I wish I was still an undergrad…


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